Recipe competition

by Brandon Rodrigues

This dish is inspired by one of my favourite beverages growing up in Malaysia, the kedondong asam boi! I remember loving mango juice but after I tried the kedondong juice it became my favorite. It has a unique sweet, sour & floral aroma which is also really refreshing for country with this weather. For this dish, the kedondong is made into a granita paired with some freshly sliced kedondong. It is then mixed with some ginger chutney which gives it a spicy kick that activates the taste buds, perfect for a palate cleanser for a tasting menu with heavy dishes. A thin layer of ginger jelly adds more texture to the dish & some dallops of “asam boi gel” completes the familiar flavor I had growing up. Some Ulam Raja is added to give a unique bitter & “grassy” taste making the dish more unique. To make the dish more exciting, some weaver ants are added which always gets the guest excited & curious. The ants also adds more texture & complements the dish well as it has a slight sour & “lemon-grassy“ taste. Weaver ants could be found almost everywhere here in Malaysia especially on mango trees which grows every so why not use them right? It is a rendition of one of my first ever creation while I was in Nadodi. This dish has a special place in my heart as it really kickstarted & gave me the confidence to experiment and create new dishes which I really enjoy & have been doing ever since and finally making it on my menu.


Kedondong Granita | Ginger Chutney | Ginger Jelly | Asam Boi Gel | Fresh Kedondong | Ulam Raja | Weaver Ants


Granita :

Kedondong juice-250 grams
Green Apple juice- 100 grams
Ginger juice - 10grams
Sugar -50 grams

Tomato - 10 grams (peeled & diced)
Cumin powder- 1/2 teaspoon
Coriander powder- 1 teaspoon
Tumeric powder- 1/3 teaspoon

Ginger Chutney :

Pickled Ginger - 35 grams
Red Onions- 1 nos (diced)
Garlic - 1 nos (diced)
Cili Padi - 1/2 nos (diced)

Asam boi Gel :

Asam boi - 4 Nos
Water - 200 grams
Salt - a pinch
Agar-Agar - 2 grams


1. For the Granita, simply blend and get the juices for the kedondong, apple, & ginger juice. Add the sugar & mix until fully dissolved. (Sugar ratios might vary depending on natural sweetness of the fruits. Add the mixture to a container and freeze. Once frozen, use a fork to scrape the frozen mixture till you get ice shaving texture for the granita. Set aside for later.

2. Saute the onions, garlic & cili padi then add the spice powders & saute till fragrant. Add the diced tomatoes & pickled ginger. Blend till smooth.

3. Bring a pot of water to a boil, add the asam boi , sugar & salt. Mix till fully dissolved & refrigerate overnight. The next day, bring the asam boi liquid to a boil & add in the agar-agar powder. Strain & let it set in the refrigerator for an hour then blend till you get a gel consistency.

4. Finally, assemble the dish & serve.

by Afiq Asyran

Another submission for @ubi_my contest. Two things i like the most: gardening and cooking. I can do this all day my friend.

This time, udang masak lemak cili api with foraged turmeric leaf, turmeric rhyzomes and kulat sisir, as promised.
Blend turmeric rhizome+onions+garlic+bird’s eye chilies. Mix with prawn stocks, end with some coconut milk and sprinkle with finely choped turmeric leaf.

Kulat sisir (Schizophyllum commune) is one of the most distributed edible mushroom in world (from India, Malaysia to Texas except Antartica), it sprouts in damp shaded area on logs (batai laut, rambutan, getah, mangga,etc) especially after raining.

Here in Malaysia It is use traditionally as delicacies before the emergent of commercialised shiitake and oyster mushrooms.
Meanwhile, turmeric leaf is one of the most low key awesome ingredient that able to add extra sensation to foods. As once added into milky creamy gravy, it’ll gives peppery smell and taste to the food. It is use primarily in rendang and any gulai lemak.

Ketupat Daun Buluh
by Nuruliab


Easy Ulam Pesto
Umar Abdul Aziz


Rendang Minang
Zulaikha Madina Zahari

Chili blend (i punya i buh bawang dgn bawang putih)

Ingredients yg nak blend

Lengkuas dlm 2inch
Halia dlm 3inch
Bawang merah besar 5
1 1/2- 2 labu bawang putih
Serai yg besar 3
Kunyit hidup dlm 1inch
Daun kunyit 1-3 ikut size (kalau beli selalu dapat beasr, yang tanam kat rumah ni comel-comel je)
Daun limau
(All ingredients ni sbnya subjective to you nak guna byk mana ☺️)

Daun kunyit hiris nipis

1-2 serai titik
2-3 daun limau koyak/hiris

2 kg santan
200g kerisik
1. kg daging
0.5 kg paru
0.5 kg paru

Cara masak

Panaskan minyak then tumis chili blend dengan bahan-bahan lain yang sudah dikisar sampai wangi
Bila sudah wangi masukan daging, paru dan limpa, gaulkan. Masukan santan dengan kerisik (kerisik ni terpulang sebab kalau tak ada pun okay, just rendang akan kurak dedak dia) dan boleh kecilkan api n tutup dalam 20-40 mins supaya daging dgn paru tu empuk.
***Saya suka masak dalam periuk rendang sebab boleh tutup, tapi still boleh guna kuali untuk merendang, tak perlu tutup tapi perlu jaga api supaya tak terlalu panas kerana boleh membuatkan dagin

Selepas 20-40 min atau daging, paru dan limpa itu telah empuk, masukan daun kunyit, daun limau, serai dan ialah optional 2 keping asam keping kalau tak suka tak perlu letak ☺️. Dekat sini boleh letak kan garam secukup rasa kalau suka tambah gula pun boleh tapi saya tak letak.
Bahagian terakhir in yang paling penat iaitu merendang. Kacaukan dia sampai kering lepas tu siap Tapi honestly kalau guna periuk rendang tu memang boleh kecilkan api, tutup kan periuk tu dan tunggu beberapa jam sampai rendang tu kering. Tapi jangan lupa kacau lah rendang tu sekali sekala.

Resipi ni untuk 2kg protein. Tak perlu letak paru atau limpa, saya orang minang memang suka paru dengan limpa tu. Tapi pun tak masuk kan hati sebab tak suka 🤭 boleh juga tukarkan daging dengan ayam.

Tips untuk ratio santan ialah 1kg protein bersamaan dengan 1kg santan. Boleh dikurangkan tapi dia akan kurangkan dedak rendang lebih lagi kalau tak masukan kerisik. Santan ni paling sedap yg fresh, tapi santan kotak pun okay, jimat pun jimat jugak rasa dia tak berubah pun ☺️
Resipi ni dari arwah nenek saya yang mama saya ajarkan, tapi mama saya pun ubah sedikit dan saya juga ubahkan sedikit ikut cita rasa saya sendiri. There is a part of everyone in this simple rendang recipe ☺️ Saya harap boleh dimanfaatkan oleh orang lain juga.
**Also abaikan caption dalam gambar tu ya. Tak ada gambar lain 😳😣 and rendang dalam gambar ni tak dikeringkan sepenuhnya sebab akan dipanas kan lagi malam nanti. Ni rendang raya tahun lepas ☺️

Hakka Yam Cake
Lee Shyan Chong

Ingredients: yams, tapioca flour, water, cooking oil, salt, shitake mushrooms, black fungus, minced meat, dried squid, red onion, garlic


  1. Peel the yams, cut them to small dices and steam them.

  2. Before the steamed yams cool down, crush and mix them with a bit of salt, oil and water. Knead until the dough smooth.

  3. Shape the dough into long strips.

  4. Steam the dough thoroughly. Cut them into thin slices.

  5. Heat the cooking pan before putting in chopped garlic and onion. Then, add minced meat and stir fry the ingredients.

  6. As soon as the ingredients turn light yellow, add sliced shitake mushroom, black fungus and dried squid.

  7. As you can smell the aroma of the ingredients, put in the sliced yam cakes and stir fry them. Throughout the frying process, keep the ingredients moist by adding hot water. Add a little water at once. Keep tossing until all liquids are reduced and the ingredients are well-cooked.

  8. Dish up and serve.

Yam cakes before sliced and cooked.

Yam cakes ready to be served.

Stir-fry Fermented Soybean Sweet Potato Leaves

by WanNing


Sweet potato leaves
Fermented soybean
Bird’s eye chili


  1. Fry the garlic and bird’s eye chili until aromatic

  2. Then, put in the fermented soybean and stir well

  3. Throw in the sweet potato leaves and stir fry for few minutes

  4. Add in pinch of sugar to balance out the saltiness of fermented soybean