About this digital garden

It is a wilderness here

This is a digital garden and not (really) a space for articles. Something is always changing, something is always growing in this garden. Trying to figure out how to organize and word things out on a digital space can be tiring and stressful until all your bulu falls out. We’re trying to re/create the experience we would normally get when we go for a walk in a garden. Every visit has something new and something different to explore and discover. Things are not always neat and organized. Sometimes you fall or get hurt in a garden from a thorn or hole in the ground. But that it part of the experience and we let nature be our guide. Same goes for this garden. Embrace both the neat and messy bits, and enjoy the garden!

This is a collaborative space where co-creators help to build this garden. We provide the space, you grow with us. We're just the pakcik and makcik kebun to help water your seeds and seedlings. Remember to be kind to other gardeners and don't simply put anything in your mouth.


You may come across these when you look up a plant


Plant growth

The plants in this garden will continuously grow and flourish over time. Hence, we need to monitor plant growth.
There are 3 stages of planting
: seed, sapling, and mature plant.

  • SEED have little information or just exist on its own until a gardener tends to it.

  • SAPLING have more nutrients supplementing it to grow big and strong

  • MATURE PLANT ready to be harvested

What is in a plant plot?

Each plant has their own story to tell. With a single click on a plant, you may chance upon foraging tips, a recipe or two, ethnobotanical uses, illustrations, or even relationships with other organisms.

Menu in the garden

Some plants just know how to trigger your taste bud. “Mmmm ni buat rendang mesti sedap!” Well, let us serve you with some delicious dishes from our menu in the garden. Forage and makan with us!

'Boleh Makan Tak?' competition

From poetries to photographs, illustrations, and recipes. Check out winning entries from our 'Boleh Makan Tak?' competition.


Who are the co-creators?

A co-creator or “digital gardeners” in our digital garden is anyone with some knowledge or interest in anything related to (urban) gardening or foodmaking. Knowledge in any form such as illustration, photography, planting tips, experimental chefs, traditional practices of plants, and many more.

How to be a co-creator?

Have a tour of our garden and see which part(s) of it you're interested to help tend. There are some empty plots, or perhaps there might be a secret recipe (without the cakes) you would like to share.
Drop us an email at urbanbiod@gmail.com.

Do I get paid?

No. This is a voluntary collaboration space. We welcome you to co-create and grow with us, and advertise your goods and services here.

The Kampung City digital garden was designed and planted by the Urban Biodiversity Initiative in 2021-2022. This project acknowledges support from the Center for Science and the Imagination at Arizona State University.

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